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Together with the trade mark “TUMTAT” that is our own trade mark, we have been at the activity of the export of goods as green and black olive types, canned and ready to eat food types, tomato and pepper pastes, pickle types, corn oil, flower oil and olive oil types, slated grape leaf types, cereal and spice types, appetizers, dried vegetable and fruit types, halva, sesame paste and molasses types, fruit juice types, natural mineral water and water and ext.

In general, our export is being realized to all European countries with Germany and England at the first place, all Scandinavian countries with Sweden and Finland at the first place, all Gulf countries with Saudi Arabia at the first place, all African countries with Republic of South Africa at the first place and Russia.

Especially at our goods that are based on agriculture, we have been realizing our production by making agreements with farmers before entering into the season. In this agreement we are realizing the controlled agriculture by delivering the seeds of the goods that are going to be have produced, by giving advance payments and both giving seeds and making advance payments.

The first step of the production is getting started with harvest after tilling the soil and planting. It continues from the step of harvesting to the production step with modern technologies and from production step to the end covering and packing steps. After these steps,“TACİR GIDA VE TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ SAN. TİC.LTD. ŞTİ.” That has set off by being in control until the step of transport both with the transport vehicles of our company with agreement and the transport vehicles of our clients with agreement, by keeping the human health at the foreground, accepting the Total Quality Principle as basic unit, with its own trade mark “TUMTAT”: together with its partners that have the production certifications of America, Europe, Asia and Africa countries, submitting to its products by being Healthy, Qualified and fitting to the taste of every country.